Voters Back School Bond for DC West

Scott Stewart
The Daily Record

Voters in the Douglas County West Community Schools were supportive of a bond issue in a mail-in election Tuesday.

The bond issue earned 68%  in unofficial results released by the Douglas County Election Commission on Wednesday afternoon. The vote tally was 1,332 in favor to 626 against.

DC West was seeking a $16.8 million school bond for construction additions to its secondary school facilities in Valley including an addition to the middle school, a fine arts classroom, an auditorium and a restroom/concession facility for the softball field complex. The money would also be used to renovate portions of the existing secondary school facilities, including the middle school, weight room, wrestling/cardio room and high school locker rooms.

The school district stated that it plans to shift 7 cents from its building and general funds to the bond fund for the project, so it does not plan to raise its tax levy. It needed public support to be allowed to issue bonds.


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