Vaping Now Banned in Workplaces Across Nebraska

The use of electronic cigarettes is prohibited in nearly all enclosed indoor workplaces in Nebraska. (Lindsay Fox/Pixabay)
Scott Stewart
The Daily Record

No smoking – this isn’t Council Bluffs.

No coughing – hey, c’mon, it’s a pandemic.

And no vaping – that’s banned indoors in Nebraska now, too.

As of last Saturday, the expanded Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act prohibits the use of electronic cigarettes in nearly every enclosed indoor workspace in Nebraska, including restaurants and bars, retail stores, offices and manufacturing facilities. Vape shops are excluded, as cigar and tobacco shops are excluded from the previous act. LB 840 expanded the act last session. Find information on the changes at

“This change is about protecting Nebraskans from exposure to secondhand aerosol from e-cigarettes. It is also a great time to try, or retry, quitting e-cigarettes or tobacco,’ said Amanda Mortensen, program manager for Tobacco Free Nebraska.

Anyone looking to quit can call 1-800-QUIT-NOW to talk to a coach as well as receive a free two-week supply of a nicotine patch, gum or lozenge. Find more information at

Tobacco Free Nebraska encourages businesses that allow the use of e-cigarettes indoor to take steps to inform employees and visitors about the change. Compliance with the law is the responsibility of the business owner and management. Resources to help – including no smoking and e-cig decals – are available by emailing

Violations can be reported at


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