Subscription Platform Offers Divorce Guidance at a Distance

(Koenig | Dunne)
Molly Ashford
The Daily Record

An Omaha law firm launched a subscription service just in time for the pandemic, but it’s not looking to take on the likes of Netflix or HBO Max.

Koenig | Dunne, a family law firm, launched late last year with the goal of making divorce services accessible to all. Now the service also is allowing divorce while following social distancing guidelines.

The service provides those seeking a divorce with educational and instructional materials about the process. It also provides the ability to personalize court documents.

Through the completion of online questionnaires, subscribers can generate pleadings, orders and other necessary documents for divorce proceedings. While the firm predicted a positive response to the new service, they never would have predicted that the coming year would bring about a pandemic which would force many court proceedings to shift almost entirely online.

Angela Lennon, a Koenig | Dunne partner, is thankful that they were ahead of the technological curve, though she also noted that the firm was committed to finding innovative ways to provide improved access to justice long before COVID-19.

“This online service demonstrates our firm’s wholehearted belief in equal access to justice,” Lennon said. “Our new subscription-based service is an affordable option for those who choose to represent themselves.”

The platform itself is versatile, featuring both subscription and flat-rate options dependent on the case complexity. It is designed to assist those who either cannot afford to or chose not to pursue legal representation.

Subscription tiers include personalized support comes in the form of unlimited access to attorney guidance, limited preparation of non-standard forms and child support calculation.

There is also an option to pay a $299 flat fee for access to basic services such as instructions for required legal documents and document customization.

“This is a simple and private way to work through what can be a painful process,” according to a testimonial from an Omaha resident shared on the website.

The firm views access to online services as a crucial component of access to justice. By simplifying the proceedings, Koenig | Dunne hope to assist people who may otherwise be going through the divorce process on their own.

“While Koenig | Dunne likes to see everyone have full representation by a divorce attorney, people deserve choices,” Lennon said. “Untie Online gives people options to make their divorce both accessible and affordable, backed by exceptional support.”

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