Omaha Police Receive Over 1,500 Calls About Fireworks

Scott Stewart
The Daily Record

The Omaha Police Department received more than 1,500 calls for fireworks complaints this Independence Day fireworks season.

A special fireworks complaint hotline was established this year, and this year’s window for legal fireworks discharge was limited to just three days – July 2 through July 4 – instead of 10 days like previous years. Fireworks sales were limited to seven days instead of 10 last year as well.

Omaha police reported 1,530 calls for complaints as of July 7, when its special enforcement operation concluded. Officers were assigned to handle fireworks complaints from June 27 to July 7, and a fireworks and gun amnesty event was held on July 6.

A total of 16 citations were issued, according to a news release.

At the amnesty events, a total of 20 long guns, six handguns, five pellet guns, 650 pounds of ammunition and 300 pounds of fireworks were collected.

Last year, Omaha police issued 32 citations and received 352 calls for fireworks complaints, according to a 2018 news release.


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