Metro Chiefs Association: 20 Years, Improving Public Safety

Metropolitan Chiefs Association founders Bob Houston, J. Martin Crowley and Weysan Dun hold up their founder’s awards after discussing the organization’s 20-year history at Jerico’s Restaurant, 11732 W. Dodge Road, on Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019. (Photo by Scott Stewart)
Scott Stewart
The Daily Record

The Metropolitan Chief’s Association recently marked its 20th anniversary during a luncheon.

The group is made up of federal, state and local law enforcement executives and line staff, as well as educators and social agencies. They come together once a month to network and discuss current crime trends and how to improve public safety. 

The association was founded in 1999 by seven people at the suggestion of Donald L. Carey, who had been involved with a similar group in the Kansas City metro.

A discussion of the organization’s history was presented Nov. 20 by Bob Houston, former director of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services; Weysan Dun, a Nebraska Crime Commissioner member and retired FBI special agent in charge; and Marty Crowley, former deputy chief of the Omaha Police Department and former chief of the Boys Town Police Department.

“In early 1999, we had our first luncheon meeting at the press club on the top of the Hilton,” Crowley said. “I introduced Chief Carey, and he spoke for about 20 minutes, and that was it. I went on to serve as the first president of the Metro Chiefs – the name it became known as.”

The networking afforded by the organization alerted Crowley to the opening for the police chief in Boys Town, which offered him a chance at a second law enforcement career instead of retirement.

“I spent the next 18 years as chief,” Crowley said.

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