In Memoriam; Omaha Bar Association Memorial Service

Flowers placed by the names of each honoree. (Josie Charron / The Daily Record)
Josie Charron
The Daily Record


On Friday May 20, 2022, the Omaha Bar Association invited attendees to the Douglas County Legislative Chambers to honor those lost in the last year. “All Rise,” marked the commencement of the event while the Nebraska Supreme Court Justices filed into the chambers. With full hearts, attendees returned to their seats as the OBA president, Hon. Stephanie Hansen, began with opening remarks: “At this ceremony we are honoring attorneys who have passed away between August 15, 2022, and April 20, 2022.” The colors were presented, and Rabbi Mendel Katzman gave a heartwarming invocation saying, “We have come together in unity and friendship to honor and remember. We stand in solidarity with...mourning and bereaved families. God of compassion, we beseech you, shelter the souls of the deceased.”

This Year’s List Of Honorees:

  • Richard “Dick” L. Weill
  • Gregory Hayze Rhodes
  • Dennis “Denny” T. Chapman
  • James Martin Davis
  • Carolyn “Carrie” Ann Wilson
  • Michael D. Boyle
  • Robert F. Vacek
  • John P. Grant
  • Anthony “Tony” Liakos
  • Alan J. Mackiewicz
  • Joseph K. “Joe” Meusey
  • William Sears Poppleton III
  • Hon. Robert V. “Bob” Burkhard
  • Marshall Becker
  • Thomas J. Monteith
  • George W. Venteicher II
  • Ronald J. Palagi
  • Hon. John Bradley “Brad” Ashford
  • Joseph L. “Joe” Leahy, Jr.

Each honoree was acknowledged by Jordan Holst, President of the Barristers Club, and presented a rose in memoriam of their life and service.

Hon. Shelly Stratman addressed the room before the closing of the event, sharing memories and anecdotes of each lawyer who had left us. “The group we honor here today are diverse…they all had such a positive influence on our profession, an example on how to be objective, and civil in a profession that is often adversarial.” Stratman alludes to Ruth Badger Ginsberg’s quote on leaving tracks; tracks that inspire lively debate and innovativeness for a new generation. “All of these fine members of the legal profession that we honor here today left tracks; tracks that live on; tracks we can follow; tracks we can build on.”


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