Lancaster Vets Court Receives $496,000 Grant

Scott Stewart
The Daily Record

A veterans court in Lincoln will receive an infusion of nearly half a million dollars in support from the federal government.

The Nebraska Judicial Branch recently announced the Lancaster County Veterans Treatment Court received a three-year, $496,000 grant through the U.S. Office of Justice Programs and the U.S. Department of Justice.

The court will use the funding for enhancements, including safe and sober housing, transportation assistance and enhanced supervision for veteran participants. It will also fund an independent program evaluation and more training for the veterans court team, according to a news release.

Lancaster County founded the court in April 2017 following the launch of a similar court in Douglas County in November 2016. It is an 18- to 24-month program for veterans who have been charged with criminal conduct.

The Lancaster County Veterans Treatment Court team includes a judge, prosecutor, defense attorney, community supervision officer, problem solving court coordinator, law enforcement officer, veterans judicial outreach, VA treatment providers, mentor coordinator and veterans advocates.

The program requires intensive probation supervision as well as treatment programming through the Department of Veteran Affairs. The veterans court is overseen by District Court Judges John Colborn and Robert Otte.

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