JRC to Hold Dec. 10 Public Hearing

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The Judicial Resources Commission will hold its annual meeting on Dec. 10 in Lincoln.

The commission will consider whether any new judgeships or reductions in judgeships is appropriate in any judicial district in the state, or whether the judicial district boundaries or number of judicial districts should change. It will review caseload statistics to make recommendations for how to better balance state resources.

The commission will also look at three Oct. 31 retirements to determine whether to declare a judicial vacancy:

• Judge Steven B. Timm’s departure from the County Court of the 1st Judicial District.

• Judge John A. Colborn’s departure from the District Court of the 3rd Judicial District.

• Judge Linda Caster Senff’s departure from the County Court of the 5th Judicial District.

The public meeting will be held in Room 1510 of the State Capitol Building. Videoconferencing will be held at several sites across the state, including the Abbott Room of the Omaha Reporting Center, 8313 Spring Plaza in Omaha.

Public testimony won’t be taken at remote sites. It must be made in Lincoln, adhering to social distancing and other requirements. Email any written comments by Thursday to dawn.mussmann@nebraska.gov.


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