Jan-Pro of Omaha Scrubs Away Germs to Keep Businesses Healthy

Small Business of the Month

Jan-Pro of Omaha, which has been owned since 2016 by Tumi Oluyole, was named the Greater Omaha Chamber’s July Small Business of the Month. (Courtesy Jan-Pro of Omaha)
Emily Kerr
The Daily Record

Tumi Oluyole and his team members ain’t afraid of no dust.

The employees of Jan-Pro of Omaha look like they belong in the cast of “Ghostbusters” as they wear professional-grade vacuum backpacks and use the latest technology to eliminate their enemy – in this case, dust, dirt and grime.

Jan-Pro opened its first franchise in Nebraska in 2003 to provide professional cleaning services to businesses in Nebraska and portions of western Iowa.

For its dedication to service and sterling results, the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce named Jan-Pro as July’s Small Business of the Month.

Before taking over Jan-Pro in late 2016, Oluyole worked as a certified public accountant. Born in Nigeria, his family moved to the United States during primary school. Oluyole eventually went on to earn a master’s degree from Bellevue University and to become the owner, president and CEO of Jan-Pro of Omaha.

After more than a decade of working in accounting, Oluyole decided to apply his skills and attention to detail to his work as an associate with Jan-Pro.

Though Oluyole confessed that “I don’t even know how to clean my own house,” he cares for his many customers with ease and precision by following Jan-Pro’s brand standards and learning about cleaning compounds.

“You’re not just cleaning. You’re going above and beyond,” Oluyole said.

The goal is not simply to meet a customer’s expectations, but to exceed them, he said.

Extra effort with cleanliness can be the difference between a healthy environment and dragging productivity in a workplace when flu season hits.

Jan-Pro turns to patented compounds for a guaranteed clean. To ensure the wellbeing of their clientele, Jan-Pro utilizes green, non-hazardous, hospital-grade chemicals that prevent future bacteria from forming. Enviro-Shield, the company’s commercial disinfectant system, has a wrap-around effect that fills a room with negative ions, reaching every nook and cranny to eliminate airborne germs.

Servicing customers such as banks, medical facilities, manufacturing companies, office buildings, daycares, restaurants and many other places with an abundance of foot traffic, Jan-Pro’s cleaning products can make the difference between a normal flu season and an epidemic.

“People don’t understand that their keyboard has more germs on it than the restroom,” said Oluyole, who noted that he sees education as a key part of his job.

When the Jan-Pro team visits a business space, it determines the specific procedures needed to achieve optimal results. To avoid cross contamination, for example, cleaners use color-coated microfiber cloths that are designated for different areas of a business. The microfiber cloths pick up far more dust and lurking bacteria than cotton cloths or dusters.

Jan-Pro also goes a step further by wearing backpack vacuums. Unlike traditional upright vacuums, they do not allow dust to spread through the air and settle back into the carpet. Instead, they completely trap and eliminate it.

Jan-Pro takes their professionalism and forthright philosophy to another level by guaranteeing their cleaning services.

Oluyole said his team stands by their work, and they will offer courtesy cleans or credit toward future cleanings to maintain the partnerships that provide the foundation of the business.

For example, Oluyole said he once had a client with a sudden case of the chicken pox in his building. With the help of Jan-Pro, the contagion was quickly contained by thoroughly sanitizing surfaces and common areas.

That is the sort of dedication to service and his client’s needs that led Jan-Pro to win the Small Business of the Month Award.

Oluyole has maintained membership with the Greater Omaha Chamber since he took ownership of Jan-Pro because of the chamber’s massive network. Oluyole said he feels encouraged by the recognition to broaden his company’s reach in the community.

 “It’s a great steppingstone,” he said. “The team was just so excited about it. It made us all say, ‘This is only the beginning.’”

Oluyole looks forward to expanding Jan-Pro’s network of clients and business owners through a two-tiered business plan. Currently, there are 30 Jan-Pro franchisees in Nebraska, and Oluyole hopes to grow that number exponentially.

Jan-Pro’s diverse team of entrepreneurs are free to run their own business while receiving training and education directly from the company’s national headquarters while learning best practices for client services.

To learn more about Jan-Pro of Omaha, or for franchising information, visit jan-pro.com/omaha.

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