Group Tracking Trump Appointed Appellate Judges

Scott Stewart
The Daily Record

A liberal advocacy group has launched a website tracking appellate judges appointed by President Donald J. Trump.

People For the American Way recently announced its Confirmed Judges, Confirmed Fears project data would be made available on a public website. Its blog of the same name tracks “troubling votes and decisions by Trump appellate judges,” according to a news release from the nonprofit.

“Ruling by ruling, Trump judges are chipping away at our fundamental rights, and this tool allows users to see that in very clear and stark terms,” said PFAW Executive Vice President of Policy and Program Marge Baker.

The tool tracks decisions categorized into 25 issue areas: abuse of government authority; age discrimination; corporations and consumers; criminal justice; death penalty; education; environment; freedom of speech and press; gun safety; health care; housing; immigration; LGBTQ+ rights; money in politics; Native American/indigenous people’s rights; persons with disabilities; privacy; racial and ethnic equity; religious liberty; repealing the New Deal; reproductive rights; sexual harassment and assault; voting rights; women’s rights; and workers and employment.

Find the judge tracking website at


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