Digital Sky Taking Its Photos, Videos Nationwide

“The Sower” has become one of the signature images for Digital Sky, which produced it as a photo-realistic design for the Nebraska license plates. (Digital Sky)
Emily Kerr
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Working with both internal marketing teams and independent marketing groups, the mission of Digital Sky is creating high-quality videos executed precisely to clients’ specifications.

​Offering incomparable video quality and a full suite of digital media services, Digital Sky has been selected by the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce to be June’s Small Business of the Month Award recipient. 

Coming up on their five-year anniversary, Digital Sky’s co-founders Justin Kyser and Grant Schlichtman observed a newly blossoming niche in 2014 and decided to build their business around aerial photography and videography.

“Back when we started, we noticed that there was not really anyone providing high-quality aerial imagery in the area,” Kyser said. “Drones were just becoming a thing that were being used on the coasts.”

The duo set out to become the go-to source for high-quality videos around the country. Fortunately, Kyser and Schlichtman were the ideal team to embark on their aerial enterprise.

Kyser, a commercial pilot, earned his first pilot’s license while in high school and went on to receive his associate’s degree in professional aviation and a bachelor’s in business administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Schlichtman, on the other hand, built a career in video production after earning a film production degree from the Los Angeles Film School.

Kyser’s background in aviation helped with operating the drones, while Schlichtman’s experience supported video production and content development.

   “You’ll see a lot of better shots that we’re able to get rather than someone who’s just picking up a drone or even been using one for a while,” Kyser said.

   With the ability to expertly operate not only the camera but the drone, Digital Sky understands how to maneuver through difficult conditions such as sudden gusts of wind and inclement weather to capture the best possible content.

  Comprised of a video producer and editor, a visual effects artist, business director and an accountant, Digital Sky eliminates a client’s need to contact multiple video production agencies for videography and drone services because it offers services both in the air and on the ground.

   “Having all that definitely streamlines things for the customer,” Kyser said. “We like to have a smaller team.”

  Communication is improved when everyone from the firm can be involved on each product, Kyser said, adding that it results in a better product for the client.

   What truly sets Digital Sky apart from hobbyist drones is the quality of equipment, skill of operation and level of production.

   “The drones that we use can shoot in 5.2K RAW,” Kyser said, referencing the video and color quality his equipment produces. 

   When working with Digital Sky, companies are granted access to its entire production team.

   “You’re not just filming to have video, you’re filming for an actual production.,” Kyser said. “It’s a well-rounded product rather than just video you might get from a hobbyist.” 

   Having worked on projects for real estate development, fitness centers and sporting events, Digital Sky’s capabilities allow for each project to cover everything from detail shots on the ground to aerial views from the sky. 

   Gaining traction on a national scale, Digital Sky’s team is especially grateful to be acknowledged in the Omaha community.

   “It feels good to get some notoriety for the work that we’ve been doing over the past five years,” Kyser said.

   Building their name in Omaha and Lincoln, the niche company works on locations all over the U.S., including destinations like Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

   Once Omaha’s best kept secret, Digital Sky has blossomed in the local community since joining the Greater Omaha Chamber.

   “(We like) having access to not only the Omaha area but the different communities that make up Omaha,” Kyser said, noting that it’s what continues to grow the company and its reputation.

   Looking back on the past five years, the two co-founders of Digital Sky are happy to do what they love at work each day.

   “If you can take your passions and make them into something that makes money and provides value to other people, definitely do that because it’ll be the most rewarding experience you’ve ever done,” Kyser said.

   For more information, including views of cityscapes and other projects, visit

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