CLEs Offer COVID-19 Advice to Lawyers

Scott Stewart
The Daily Record

With attorneys being asked to respond to novel issues arising from a pandemic, continuing legal education providers have shifted to focus on COVID-19 topics.

The American Bar Association offers a collection of on-demand and scheduled CLEs related to the coronavirus and the various legal issues connected with its spread.

Upcoming ABA live CLEs on COVID-19 include:

• March 27, 11 a.m. – “Coronavirus in the US and Abroad: The Legal Implications for Solo Practitioners” with Charles Gallagher (60 minutes).

• March 27, 1 p.m. – “Ethical Considerations for Use of Online Tools for Dispute Neutrals in the COVID 19 Era” with Daniel Rainey (60 minutes).

• March 30, 11 a.m. – “COVID-19: Considerations for Healthcare Facilities Responding to the Pandemic” with Hayley Frances Penan, Lynn Barrett and Heather Deixler (90 minutes).

On-demand CLEs include:

• “COVID-19 Top 10: What GCs need to Know about Coronavirus” with Bethany J. Hills and David A. Newman (60 minutes).

• “COVID-19: Legal Strategies for Nonprofit Meetings” with Jeffrey Scott Tenenbaum (75 minutes).

• “How Lawyers Can Guide Clients Through Questions on Coronavirus Concerns” with James T O’Reilly and Victoria Wells Wulsin (60 minutes).

The ABA webinars, available at, are offered at no additional cost to members.

The Nebraska State Bar Association is offering a two-part series on coronavirus and the workplace next Tuesday. Find its CLE calendar at

Baird Holm LLC also held a webinar recently on COVID-19 preparedness for employers. The law firm offers a pandemic information hub on its website at

The Daily Record’s Nicole Ratay contributed to this report.



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