Chamber Connects Community During Virus Crisis

Greater Omaha Chamber President and CEO David G. Brown said the response to the spread of coronavirus in the community has been inspiring. (Courtesy Greater Omaha Chamber)
Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce

With communities rallying resources to combat COVID-19, the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce continues its tradition of creating connections – both in times of crisis and celebration.

“Leaders all over the world are facing issues never seen before,” said David G. Brown, the president and CEO of the Greater Omaha Chamber. “Unprecedented conditions require remarkable responses from all of us, and I can see everyone is making decisions that put the welfare of people and community first. That is inspiring.”

Such an “others-first” attitude has encouraged a host of helpful strategies, as area schools, businesses and entertainment organizations shift from gathering groups to promoting self-isolation, social distancing and increased hygiene.

The result: a “new normal” – opportunities for creative approaches to connecting professionals through online platforms and virtual visits.

The Greater Omaha Chamber is no exception, where team members are working remotely during the crisis, and are meeting daily in online hangouts designed to create cohesion and foster ideation. Using such tools as Microsoft Teams, Slack and conference calls, connections, for chamber staff and stakeholders, are just a click away.

March and April’s events, a hallmark of chamber activity, have been pivoted to online delivery during the global coronavirus outbreak. With webinars replacing meet-ups and robust resource lists rounding out engagement strategies.

The chamber’s COVID-19 Crisis Response Resources for Businesses and Employees – find it at – is now a much-shared online management tool.

“I’m proud of our community, our leaders and our medical professionals,” Brown said of Greater Omaha’s response to tempering COVID-19’s spread. “Many are changing the way they do business, and we’re here to help.”

Brown added the chamber is ensuring members have straightforward access to such information as managing access to capital and navigating the impact of public policy decisions during crises. He applauded the efforts of many organizations – from public utilities working to ensure uninterrupted power and safe drinking water, to educators safeguarding students, to businesses offering help for those in need – as indicators of a robust region.

“This situation is a first-of-its-kind global disruption,” Brown said. “We’ll weather the storm, and we’ll learn together what these changes mean for our very hopeful future.”


This article was provided to The Daily Record by the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce.



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