Bellevue Puts Brakes on Plan to Demolish Paradise Lakes Homes

Scott Stewart
The Daily Record

The City of Bellevue is delaying planned demolitions for many flood-damaged homes in the former Paradise Lake modular home community out of a concern that taxpayers would be on the hook.

City officials initially told residents it would begin demolishing the homes in early August, after the Bellevue City Council voted unanimously at its June 18 meeting to declare the structures in Paradise Lake to be torn down.

However, the city now plans to wait until next year to take down the majority of the 195 buildings because officials are concerned that taxpayers will ultimately be liable for the about $1.2 million it will take for the demolition.

Phil Davidson, the city’s community relations coordinator, said if the city moves forward with the demolition, it would place a lien on the property. However, that would only be repaid if the land was sold or the owner of the property chose to pay off the lien.

If the land wasn’t sold, the taxpayers likely would be on the hook as the property sat vacant.

Demolitions are proceeding at the other modular home community effected by this March’s historic flooding. At Green Acres, about 150 homes are being demolished and eventually replaced by the management company.


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