Attorney from Same Office Steps in to Replace Klinker

New Ralston City Attorney Don Ficenec speaks at a recent Ralston City Council meeting. (Photo by Scott Stewart)
Scott Stewart
The Daily Record

Ralston – Don Ficenec stepped into the role of Ralston city attorney after spending about 18 months learning the ropes.

He took over from his colleague Mark Klinker, with whom he shares law offices at 7777 L St., during last Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

“I’m a Ralston resident,” Ficenec said. “I’ve lived here for the last 20 years, and probably will be here for another 20 or 30 years, God willing.”

Ficenec has been in private practice after retiring from the Omaha Police Department after a nearly 23 year career. He attended law school while on the force, and when he could take early retirement, he took the plunge into practicing law.

“As Ralston (city) attorney, you get involved or at least informed about all phases of what’s going on in the city,” Ficenec said. “I enjoy this type of work, so I’m looking forward to the opportunity to keep doing it for a long time.”

Klinker gave the oath of office to Ficenec at the Dec. 17 council meeting. Klinker said he plans to continue to work with Ficenec on Ralston legal matters, providing context and historical knowledge as they transition providing legal services to the city.

Ficenec said he appreciates that Klinker is always willing to make the time to help out.

“You just don’t replace that level of experience and that kind of level of knowledge, both in regards to the law and in regard to Ralston in general,” Ficenec said. “I am still going to be relying on his advice and on his wisdom and on his good old-fashioned common sense.”


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