Local Paralegal Elected to NALA National Board

David Golbitz
The Daily Record

Nebraska paralegal Bridget Stuhr was elected to the National Association of Legal Assistants’ Board of Directors during the paralegal organization’s virtual conference in July.

Stuhr, who has worked as a paralegal at Kutak Rock for nearly 20 years, was elected as the NALA affiliated associations director after serving two years as affiliated associations secretary.

“Over the last two years, I learned so much about NALA and the affiliated associations, and I want to conYtinue building on what the previous Affiliated Associations Director had started,” Stuhr told The Daily Record in an email. “I want to continue helping the affiliated associations be successful, whether that means to help provide ideas for increasing their membership, using NALA resources to allow affiliates to virtually connect with members, or to praise and encourage them to keep doing all the fantastic and amazing things they are doing.”

Stuhr will serve as liaison between each of the affiliated associations and the national board.

 “I keep NALA’s leadership apprised of the toils and successes the affiliated associations may encounter, which allows NALA to stay proactive and engaged, providing current resources and support, as various trends and situations impact the affiliates,” Stuhr said.

Stuhr also aims to strengthen the connections between local affiliates and the national organization. She wants NALA to “recognize the accomplishments and/or struggles of an association, and share those experiences with other associations to learn and benefit from.”

Maintaining an open dialogue between NALA and each of its affiliates is one of Stuhr’s main priorities. She said she wants the affiliated groups to appreciate how much they have to offer and learn from each other.

“I want the associations to feel comfortable asking for assistance from NALA when they are struggling with something,” Stuhr said.

NALA was formed in 1975 and currently has more than 12,000 members, either directly or indirectly through affiliated associations.

For more information on NALA, visit nala.org. Find more information about the Nebraska chapter at nebraskaparalegal.org.


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