Iowa Jury Trials Postponed Until At Least February

Scott Stewart
The Daily Record

While Nebraska courts proceed with instructions to have a plan to prevent the spread of COVID-19, courts in Iowa have postponed all jury trials until February.

Nonjury trials and face-to-face court proceedings and services will continue in Iowa, and county clerk of the court offices will stay open.

A order to suspend trials was issued Nov. 10 by the Iowa Supreme Court, and it applied to all trials where the jury hadn’t been sworn in prior to last week.

“We monitor the daily positivity rates of COVID-19 in Iowa and have decided that bringing together the number of people required for a jury trial creates too high of a risk for someone to be exposed, even with the multitude of safeguards we have in place,” Chief Justice Susan Christensen said in a news release. “The courts compel citizens to serve on juries and Iowans consistently respond by doing their civic duty. With the current high rate of COVID-19 positive tests in the state, it is time to pause jury trials to protect public safety and mitigate the impact of the virus.”

Find more information on the Iowa courts’ COVID-19 orders at

Find more information on Nebraska courts’ COVID-19 orders at


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