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– Photo by Lorraine Boyd
Douglas County District Court Judge Leigh Anne Retelsdorf made the event a family affair – a family filled with doctors and lawyers! From left, her family includes: Caitlin Ellis (niece, 1L law student), Leigh Ellis (niece, 3L law student), Hon. Leigh Anne Retelsdorf, Dr. Cynthia Ellis (sister), Dr. C Lee Retelsdorf (dad, and father of Cindy and Bill), William Ouren (brother, deputy Douglas County attorney) and Mattie Ellis (niece and future med student).
Doctors and Lawyers Find Common Ground
The annual Medical/Legal Dinner on March 5 could be called a huge success by any standard, attracting 176 doctors, lawyers and their guests, the largest crowd in recent history. The joint meeting of the Omaha Bar Association and the Metro Omaha Medical Society at the Marriott Regency featured FBI Special Agent Anna Brewer speaking on “Human Trafficking in the Heartland.” She enlisted the help of her frequent co-presenter, Stephen O’Meara of the law firm Dornan Lustgarten & Troia. Together they chronicled the horror stories happening right here in Omaha and the efforts being made to stop them.
The statistics were staggering, especially concerning the sexual exploitation of young girls between the ages of 14 and 18 (and in some cases even younger). The pimps – or “daddies” – recruit girls who are often, but not always, escaping difficult situations at home. Once they have been lured, sometimes by their school classmates, they are treated to gifts as well as meals, liquor and drugs. Then they are told that nothing is free and they have to pay back the pimps. They are held against their will and forced to turn tricks. They find that they can’t escape and have no one to turn to. Enter Anna Brewer and her colleagues. Their main mission is to rescue the girls – it’s primarily girls – and get them the help they need.
It was an eye-opening presentation, exposing an ugly underbelly of activities happening right under our noses. Brewer asked the audience to be on the lookout for any of the activities she described, noting that doctors and lawyers sometimes encounter things that could be suspicious.
The OBA side of the event was sponsored, for the second year, by the law firm of Abrahams Kaslow & Cassman LLP.
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